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KC-TECH EVENTS now offers FULL KARAOKE SERVICES for home parties, weddings, private and corporate events! See "Services & Rates" section for more detailed information.


Welcome to KC-TECH EVENTS, Ottawa's affordable Mobile Disk Jockey outfit offering the finest DJ’s combined with the most diverse music library of its kind.

We offer an extraordinary selection of music complemented by pre-screened, professionally trained DJ's who excel in character, presentation, passion for music and have a strong customer service ethic. We specialize in weddings, diplomatic/cultural events, private parties and corporate events that require an extra touch of class and sophistication and we do this by paying special attention to details such as guest demographics and cultural protocol ensuring all guests have a great time and all special needs are catered to.

All our DJ's are pre-screened, experienced and have an above-average knowledge of the music and the technology required to make the music sound great. Some of our DJ's have studied music theory, some have attended Disc Jockey training courses, and others have worked in the music industry in some capacity or another, and all share an extraordinary passion and love of music. All our DJ's are well groomed, well dressed and can communicate extremely well. Our languages range from English to French to Italian. Our music library is composed of tens of thousands of songs that cover all genres from the 1940's up to this week's top 100 chart topping hits.

Call KC-TECH EVENTS for your next event, you will not regret it. The memories will last a lifetime.



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